Activating Ultimate Mode
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What is Ultimate Mode?

Ultimate Mode gives you access to several different advanced features, which will provide you with even more control over your privacy and safety:

  • Ultimate Private Mode 

This features allows you to browse completely incognito without leaving any traces behind.

  • Reader Mode 

Removes all HTML tags and leave you only with text and images, delivering more pleasant reading experience.

  • Disable Browsing History

This feature allows you to disable browsing history only and take advantage of cookies while surfing the web.

  • Block Malicious Sites

Prevents accessing websites known for distributing malware.

  • Close & Clear History

Close the app and clear your entire browsing history with a single tap.

How to unlock Ultimate Mode?

1.Tap on the planet icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2.Tap on the Enable Ultimate Mode button.

3.Then hit Subscribe and voila!

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