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Start a new subscription vs renewing a current one
Start a new subscription vs renewing a current one
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Having an active subscription for AdBlocker Ultimate means that it should be renewed at some point in time. There are 2 options to do that:

Option 1: Renew your current subscription

If you've activated automatic renewal during the purchase, our payment system will automatically charge you for the new subscription period. Thus, you don't need to worry if your license is about to expire.

In case, you've disabled the auto-renewal option, you will receive an email reminder so you can renew your subscription manually. You can also manage your subscriptions from your account.

NOTE: Renewing your current subscription increases the validity of your current license key.

Option 2: Start a new subscription

This option allows you to take advantage of our current pricing terms. You can do that by visiting our website.

NOTE: Choosing this option means that you will receive a new license key for activating AdBlocker Ultimate. Since you've already activated it with your old key, you will need to sign out first.

Once you've done that. You need to go through the activation process one more time.

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