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Transition to Manifest Version 3 (MV3)
Transition to Manifest Version 3 (MV3)
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Chromium Based Browsers to Enforce Manifest Version 3 for All Extensions in June 2024

Starting in June 2024, all extensions on Chromium based browsers will be required to support Manifest Version 3 (MV3). This change is being implemented to improve the security and performance of extensions on these browsers.

Manifest Version 3 (MV3) is the latest version of the manifest file used by extensions on Chromium based browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Notably, Firefox supports both MV3 and MV2.

Why is this change happening?

The transition to MV3 is part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve the security and performance of extensions on their browser. MV3 introduces stricter security measures, such as limiting the use of certain APIs, to prevent malicious extensions from causing harm to users' devices. It also includes performance improvements, such as faster loading times and reduced memory usage, to enhance the overall browsing experience.

What does this mean for AdBlocker Ultimate?

As a user of AdBlocker Ultimate, you may be wondering how this change will affect your experience. We are happy to announce that AdBlocker Ultimate will fully support MV3 and will continue to provide the same level of ad blocking and privacy protection that you have come to expect from us, within the limits of the API availability in MV3.

Our team is working hard to ensure a smooth transition to MV3. We are committed to providing a seamless experience for our users and will continue to monitor any updates or changes to MV3 to ensure that AdBlocker Ultimate remains effective and efficient.

Limitation of MV3

One major limitation of MV3 is that extensions will no longer be able to download filter lists. These filter lists, which are used for adblocking, will now come pre-installed with the extension. This means that the adblocking functionality will now be dependent on how often the extension is updated with the latest filters.

This change may result in a delay of 1-5 days for new filtering rules updates, depending on the speed of approving the extension update. This means that users may experience ads or other unwanted content during this time period.

It is important to note that these limitations only apply to MV3 based browsers, such as Google Chrome. Browsers that support MV2, like Firefox, will still be able to get timely filter list updates and will not be affected by the extension update process.

What do I need to do?

No action is needed. The extension will be automatically updated to MV3 on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Firefox will continue operating under Manifest V2, ensuring users benefit from the most effective ad-blocking experience without the limitations imposed by MV3. You can continue to use AdBlocker Ultimate as you normally would without any interruptions or changes to your browsing experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help and ensure that your browsing experience remains safe and ad-free.

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