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Anti-adblock techniques
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Some websites employ sophisticated techniques to circumvent ad blockers, including making frequent updates to their code—sometimes even on an hourly basis—and using code that specifically targets and evades ad blockers.

Traditionally, these strategies did not pose significant challenges to ad blockers until the introduction of Manifest Version 3 (MV3). With MV3, ad blockers face difficulties adapting to the rapid changes in website code and handling complex scenarios for two main reasons:

  • MV3 prohibits the real-time download of new filter updates, which are necessary to respond to frequent changes in website codes. Instead, filter updates must be bundled within the extensions themselves, leaving users dependent on the extension’s moderation team at companies like Google and Microsoft for timely updates.

  • MV3 includes numerous security enhancements but also imposes limitations that affect handling of certain complex scenarios. Some websites exploit these limitations to their advantage.

How to resolve this issue?

Solution #1

Consider using a more advanced ad blocking solution that is not restricted by browser limitations. For example, AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows offers regular filter updates and is capable of managing complex scenarios:

Solution #2

Switch to a browser that still supports Manifest Version 2 (MV2), such as Firefox. Firefox maintains compatibility with both MV2 and MV3, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted and effective ad blocking.

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